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Magnetic Hoop Hat Clip


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Pair Hoop Clip with Sticky Stabilizer to tame unwieldy embroiderables under the needle. Slip the bill of cap, the shaft of a boot, a sleeve or bag in Hoop Clip for a strong, secure hold. Attach Hoop Clip- it's magnetic!- to Snap Hoop's metal bottom frame and embroider with confidence! Hoop Clip comes with one soft-structured hat- ready for embroidery. Works with any single needle machine. Ready to use with your Snap Hoop! Easy to use! Align, Clip & Embroider! The Magnetic Hoop Clip is ready to use with the bottom frame of Snap Hoop! Place sticky stabilizer on the bottom frame of Snap Hoop. Clip the bill of a cap using the Magnetic Hoop Clip for a strong, secure hold. Snap the Magnetic Hoop Clip onto the bottom frame of Snap Hoop. Smooth the front of the cap onto the sticky stabilizer. You're ready to stitch!

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